Monday, October 20, 2008

New Balance Real Run 2008

I took a lift early in the morning from Ckoksing. It was the New Balance Real Run that morning and if you drive there late, you would end up parking a distance away from the start. By the time we reached Terry's place, it was about 530am (if I remembered correctly). The drive to Changi Coastal Road was short. So we went to Changi Village's Cheers to get something to eat. I bought an ice-cream while Ckoksing bought a sandwich. When we reached the carpark, the sky was still dark but traffic was slowly building up.Ckoksing managed to park very close to the Exhibition Hall which is just next to the start. We decided to take a nap in his car but all around, we could see runners and cars walking and driving past where we parked.

Renohtaram and Spencer256 joined us shortly and instead of getting some rest, we end up chatting away to past time inside the car. We saw other SGRunners like Sealboon, Eliza, jjchsg etc. Then FrootLoops came. We took some pictures and went towards the start point. There, we saw many more SGRunners like Ultraman, Kcslchin, Chantelle, S.Permadi etc. By then I could feel the heat of the sun getting warmer and warmer. Decided to leave the starting pent since I was not running but there to take pictures. I climbed over the railings with Renohtaram's help. I felt free. :p Standing inside the starting pent seemed very restrictive. Now, I was able to move around, taking pictures of the surroundings and the runners standing before the timing mat and start line. It was fun, unlike when I was standing there just before a race start.

The 10km was flagged off at around 730am. Followed by the 15km about 20 minutes later. During the flagged off, I caught sight of even more SGRunners like Seal, BrokenRunner, ST. But I was not prepared to take pictures at the race start due to the fact that it was difficult to spot runners from the crowd, unlike the finishing, where runners were spread out due to difference in each runner's running ability. :p It was difficult to past time and the sun was rising in height and in temperature. I reckoned I had to wait at least 45 mins for those taking part in the 10kms and 1 hour for those running the 15kms. So I ended up looking at the vessels out in the sea and planes taking flight from Changi Airport. It was boring! I wondered if it was worthwhile coming to support my fellow SGRunners by taking pictures. I hope so. But even if my effort was not appreciated, I would just take it as an opportunity to meet up with them and also hone and hopefully improve my photography skills.

The first SGRunners I spotted was Happie_0_1! He took part in the 10km and was just a teenager about 14 or 15 years old but he was FAST! I managed to took a few pictures of him and after that, I shouted Happie, Happie, Happie. The woman standing closed to me looked at me, wondering why I was happy. Unfortunately, the MC was talking really loud and Happie_0_1 didn't hear me. :( Next SGRunners I spotted was FrootLoops. He too didn't hear me calling out to him. I decided that it was time to just concentrate on taking photos instead of getting the attention of those who completed the run.

Soon, I was the one getting busier as more and more runners completed their run. Weather by then was extremely hot as there was absolutely no shade. At some point of time, I couldn't really see very well through my camera and had to rest my eyes. On top of that, my F2.8 70-200mm Canon lens weighing 1470g (just the lens itself not including the body) was giving all sorts of problem to my back. :( Renohtaram and Sealboon came to my aid, bringing me 100Plus! We waited till the finisher thinned out before taking cover in the air-conditioned Exhibition Hall, where the group of SGRunners gathered. After some group photos, we went separate ways and I took a lift from Ultraman. All in all, it was a fruitful day. :) Fruitful but tired day even though I didn't run!!!

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