Sunday, October 12, 2008

Oct BG Run...

Met Renohtaram at BG for a short run. It was supposed to be the SGRunners' monthly Botanic Garden Run (although most of the time, we never run inside BG) led by Tiwazz and Renohtaram but lately, Tiwazz felt difficult to keep up with the group to lead. [Haha, Tiwazz felt the effect of getting old!!! :p]. This prompted him to close the BG Run for good. But I just wanted to continue running at BG so I decided to re-open it and if there are people who wanted to join in for the run, good. If not, I could still fulfill my desire of running at BG. :)

I arrived rather early, carrying my Nathan hydration pack although there isn't any water inside the pack. I had packed my dry clothes and essential stuff including wallet and handphone so that I could go bath after running. Renohtaram came shortly before 7am. There were already some people running or jogging around the tracks. I told him that there shouldn't be any SGRunners joining us as I did the last check just before I leave the house. We decided the route that we should take, i.e. one loop covering all corners inside Botanic Garden, then out towards Orchard. And since he was also traveling light, we need not go back to the start point where we usually do.

We took off running at a slow and easy pace. The first stop we made was just after entering BG, to check on the route. We ran around the Eco Lake and also near the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden. Enroute, we observed that the Circle Line Stage 4 MRT construction works for the Botanic Gardens MRT Station was ongoing and slated to complete by 2010. How nice it would be when it is completed eventually, I thought. Then, for those of us who do not drive, could take MRT direct to BG without the need to change to buses.

After Eco Lake and Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, we ran inside the Evolution Garden. There were quite a few stops for photo taking opportunities but the whole garden was rather small. :( I guess it was more for walkers than for runners to enjoy - or just for runners to slow down to catch their breadth.

Coming out from Evolution Garden, we ran past many other joggers, runners and senior citizens doing their morning exercises. I was also surprised to see some teenagers doing exercises like tai chi as well. The next significant landmark was the Symphony Lake which has a Symphony Stage but there was no performance on such an early Sunday morning. We then ran into the Ginger Garden, National Orchid Garden and the Swan Lake before emerging at the actual front gate, the Tanglin Gate of the Botanic Garden.

Renohtaram and I decided to run along Orchard Road all the way to Paradiz Centre, before turning into Tekka Mall towards California Fitness situated at Bugis Junction. Once there, we could go make use of the club facilities to bath since we were both members. Running in the early morning along Orchard Road on a Sunday was a breeze. For most of the stretch of road, there wasn't any pedestrians or shoppers. It was probably too early and the shops weren't open. However, we did have to obey traffic rules and only crossed when the green man came on. :)

Then disaster struck! We were running past Plaza Singapore when I fell. I was not sure what exactly happened. Perhaps my legs were feeling heavy and I was not paying attention of where I was running. Somehow, I just managed to kick the drain cover outside Atrium before the bus-stop and my whole body came falling down with my right knee hitting the concrete ground followed by my left knee and rest of my body. The H2O bottle which I was carrying fell and rolled away from me. Renohtaram heard and turned to help me but I signaled to him to help get my bottle. I slowly picked myself up and walked towards the Atrium steps and sat down. OUCH!!! It was a bloody painful fall!!! But luckily, there was only a tiny bit of blood. Renohtaram then rushed to the 7-Eleven just inside Atrium and bought 100Plus and a can of Ice-Milo, which I used it to "ice" my painful knee caps. After resting for about 10 minutes or so, I told Renohtaram that I was good enough to walk to California Fitness. We passed some interesting buildings along the way, like a block of HDB flat and also notably, the Art School along Bencolen Street. Once we reached California Fitness, we had a quick washed up before breakfast at a make shift hawker centre. I thanked Renohtaram and we went separate ways after breakfast. It was an interesting run and an eventful day!

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