Sunday, September 28, 2008

Running vs Formula 1

Yesterday morning, I jio renoh and cfred84 to MR for a trail run. I went to deposit my belonging at California Fitness Gym in Novena Square as my bag was too big for the locker at MR. I arrived at MR at around 720am. cfred84 was already there while renoh arrived about 2 minutes later. LaserRunner was also at MR and she explained that she was late and her group (led by littletigger) had started running. I told them I hope to run the MR25 Ultramarathon 10.5km route. Plus the road towards the golf course, the aircon road and the road leading to the gate after turning left from aircon road. They sort of agreed and off we ran. Soon, the 2 young men as well as LaserRunner zoomed ahead of me like the Ferraris, McLarens and BMW of the Formula 1 Race! I was so slow that I wasn't even able to smell their smoke!!! Nevertheless, the 3 of them were kind enough to wait for the big sister before running the hills leading to the golf course. :p Hmmm, perhaps the 2 young men had wanted to see how I would suffer running the hills although I must say I enjoyed running hills. But of course, the actual running up the hills was always hard.

After the golf course, we met kops, aka littletigger and Francis. [I thought I also saw fennel and tao but I couldn't quite remember. I was getting old, alright!] Littletigger and gang were on their way back to the MR carpark after completing the aircon road. We continued our run in opposite direction. Coming out from aircon road, LaserRunner indicated that she would be running back to the MR carpark to join littletigger and gang. Renoh and cfred84 waited for me at the t-junction and asked me where I wanted to go: back to MR carpark or turn left to the gate. I pointed out that since we were already here, might as well do the additional loop to get the best out of our trip to MR.

I was glad we did the loop that I had planned for before running back to MR carpark via the northern trail. We took about 2 hours 20 minutes to cover approximately 18km, which would serve as my longest LSD before the Oct's Chuncheon Marathon in South Korea! We chatted and rested at the MR carpark until everyone was done. Then we took a bus to Novena Square where we would have brunch.

After brunch, I accompanied Renoh to Running Lab in search of a new pair of running shoes. The sole of his old pair of Asics' Kayano was almost ripped off while running inside MR earlier. Unfortunately, there was no size and he had to go back to Running Lab at Funan to get his shoes. I stayed behind as that was the same day where the briefing for North Face 100 competition was held. I had volunteered myself as their back-up photographer since I love taking photos. Besides, it would be a good opportunity as many of our SGRunners had signed up for this challenging event. By 230pm, I saw and took many pics of the participants and volunteers of the event. The briefing was precise and clear. And the organiser even threw in lucky draw prizes! I took a lift from thelonelyrunner just before the briefing and lucky draw concluded. I couldn't wait for next Saturday! It would be so fun seeing fellow runners suffer! :p

Tonight, was the 1st night race in the whole of Formula 1 history and it happened right here in Singapore! I was extremely pleased to see Fernando Alonso won the inaugural night race. I had been a fan of Formula 1 for a long time although most of the time, I followed the news on the BBC Sports. My favorites include Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell, Nelson Piquet and Damian Hill etc. But my all time favourite remained Ayrton Senna, who unfortunately perished during the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix in Italy. I couldn't quite remembered what happened - just that he had a terrible crash during the race on Sunday. Then I recalled a spat of running-related deaths in recent years. Was it worthwhile dying doing the sports you love? For me, it was absolutely worth it. But my family and friends may not quite agree with that view of mine. All I can say is we should train hard, train smart, run safe and drive safe. The rest would be up to destiny.

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