Sunday, February 3, 2008

Week 4 (28 Jan - 3 Feb)

Monday (28 Jan)

This is the 4th week of my 100-mile preparation! I was quite happy since it's been a long time I had any form of training consistency. Did another 1-hour run this morning. What a great way to start the week, right? Hahaha... I think I must continue to sound more positive or else, I might go crazy!!!

Tuesday (29 Jan)

Spent the evening working out in the gym. I had become thick-skinned and asked to share the machines whenever I noticed that the person using it was "hogging" the machines. Besides, its great to share machines. At least, after my set, I get to "rest" for a longer period as compared to when I'm using the machines by myself. :p

Wednesday (30 Jan)

Yeah! Clocked another 1-hour run in the gym's treadmill. And since I had some spare time, I did some strength training as well. Hmmm... I'm beginning to look more toned. Hmmm... Maybe its time that I should work harder now. :p

Thursday (31 Jan)

Did the usual upper body and lower body workouts in the gym this morning. And in the evening, managed to knock off earlier and did another round of upper body and lower body workouts. Its great when you could get to the gym earlier in the evening before the rest of the working adults started streaming into the gym. Instead of spending 1hr 30mins, only spent 45mins - equivalent of saving 45mins! This also meant that I could eat earlier, go home earlier and rest earlier.

Friday (1 Feb)

Finally! January is gone and its now February! I had exactly 3 months before my race on 2-3 May. Yet another 1-hour run in the gym's treadmill. I loved to run on the treadmill on Wed or Fri as they usually had soccer games showing on the TV's sports channel although they were all replays and not live matches.

Saturday (2 Feb)

Alamak! I always made the mistake of sleeping late on Friday! Same as last night and I ended up having to go to the gym to run again. Running in the gym on weekends could be very torturous as I would require to run 2hr 30mins to 3hr. And its been a month since the MR25 Ultra Marathon on 30 Dec and I have yet to run in MR. :(. Well, since our Chinese Lunar New Year is coming, I shall set myself another new year resolution and that's to start running in MR from February onward on Saturday or Sunday! I hope I could make it...

Sunday (3 Feb)

So lazy this morning. I had put my stuff in the gym's locker yesterday so that after MR this morning, I could go back to the gym (which opens at 8am on Sundays so I had to put my stuff on Saturday instead of depositing it on Sunday morning) after running in MR to wash up. But I did not wake up on time again! :( In the end, had to log the required 2-hour in the gym's treadmill again. Never mind. I should look forward to a brand new week ahead.

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