Sunday, January 27, 2008

Week 3 (21 Jan - 27 Jan)

Monday (21 Jan)

Come to think of it, I did not quite like the way I started the week running. In the past, Monday was one of the 2 days of "enforced" resting. But now, with the requirement to run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and knowing that Saturday and Sunday would still be my days to do LSD, that resulted my enforced non-running days to be on Tuesday and Thursday. Sometime, when you rest on weekdays, you don't quite get to rest because you would be busy with other stuff like work. Which means you don't get to have quality sleep. No quality sleep how to have quality training? Maybe its just the way my mind is beginning to protest the way I treat my body.

Tuesday (22 Jan)

So happy I did not have to wake up at 4.45am this morning since I don't need to run or train. At least, I get to sleep for an additional hour. This hour mean a lot to me!!!

Wednesday (23 Jan)

Was clocking my usual 1-hour run on the threadmill this morning when I saw the news that Heath Ledger was found dead in his apartment in New York. I couldn't believe what I saw on the TV screen and almost fell over. Luckily, I managed to balance myself on time to prevent an ugly fall. When I was done running, checked for the news on my cellphone and was confirmed that the actor had indeed passed away. Very sad. :(He was such a young talent.

Thursday (24 Jan)

I did not feel very good this morning. Felt kind of feverish but managed to get the required sets in the gym. In the evening, decided to rest early and not kill myself. Hopefully, I could run tomorrow morning.

Friday (25 Jan)

Din run this morning. Still had not recover. So I went to the doctor and was given 1 day's MC. I hate being sick. Not because I can't run but mainly because whatever fitness I had built up till then would mean that I had gone back 3 steps. That's the problem when you become older. :( Hope the medication as well as the enforced rest would mean that I could start running sooner rather than later. Shall aim for this Sunday - the 1st Familiarization Run for the Sundown Night Marathon.

Saturday (26 Jan)

Yippee!!! No run today!!! Today was our inaugural SGRunners' Banana Race Relay. Was very excited to be involved in the organising of the race although mine was just a small and insignificant part of capturing pictures and compiling the photos to be printed on the Certificate of Participation. Met many new SGRunners and I had this feeing that I would encounter great difficulty in identifying some faces for the Certificate of Participation. For those who come across my blog, I asked for more time.

Sunday (27 Jan)

Woke up early this morning. Today was the 1st Sundown Familiarization Run. Called BrokenRunner before I left home but she din pick up her phone. I also left her a message as well as thelonelyrunner. TLR returned my call but I had such a bad voice that I thought he might be wondering if I was the real Ripley or someone else. Reached Changi Village at 6am and there wasn't many people. Well, its a Sunday morning! I walked around the area and found a spot to sit down and wait. Soon, TLR arrived and I put my stuff in his car. After a while, saw a group of runners running towards us. Stardust, littletigger, yankee, LaserRunner, tao and raven (I think). They had started the run from ECP @ 5.30am!!! Soon, passionrunner, wend88, teelee and tatz arrived. After a short brief by TLR, we set off with me sweeping the rear. The distance from Changi Village to the MOE Adventure Club was about 10.5km and I had a slow and easy run. Along the way, I saw Vincent and asked him about Brokie. Apparently she was in front but I did not remember her passing me, since she did not start the run with us and I did not receive any message from her that she was coming at all. Nevertheless, the mystery was solved when she appeared after I arrived at the MOE Adventure Club, which was our u-turn point as well. She arrived late indeed and went to the toilet. No wonder Vincent thought that she was in front. The way back was getting warmer so luckily there were loads of sheds where we ran. Upon reaching Changi Village, thelonelyrunner and passionrunner brought us cold Pocari Sweat and 100 Plus. Thanks!!! It was a great familiarization run for the Sundown route!!!

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