Sunday, January 20, 2008

Week 2 (14 Jan - 20 Jan)

Monday (14 Jan)

Slept very late last night... But still managed to wake up on time this morning... Lucky me... Rush down to Bugis' California Fitness to clock my 1 hour training run on the treadmill... Covering a distance of 8.35km in total... Felt good after the run... I can't be unhappy since today is Monday and somehow, I did not slack... :p Tonight and tomorrow morning shall take a break from training... Next training will be tomorrow evening... Need to do some strength training to compliment my 100-mile preparation... :)

Tuesday (15 Jan)

As usual, no running or training on Tues morning but went to the gym in the evening. Just the normal 4 upper body and 4 lower body exercises in the gym. But quite sian and very time consuming to wait for machines, especially in the evening where there were crowds. In future, I shall be more thick-skinned and asked to share machines. :p

Wednesday (16 Jan)

Same routine. Actually it could be quite fun running on the threadmill in the morning. :p At least, I get to catch up with the news that's being screened across the TVs. Sports result, world news, latest on the US Presidential election campaign, and financial news.

Thursday (17 Jan)

This morning, did some strength training in the morning. Followed by another set of strength training in the evening. Its getting mundane although its just 2 weeks into my program!!! I must persevere.

Friday (18 Jan)

Great! Weekend is coming. I love Friday especially. Cos its the 3rd and last day of running on threadmill. :p Its really difficult sometimes to run on threadmill but I guess I had no complain. The "weather" - always nice and cool - and I got to watch the sports update. Besides, it also meant that I cannot slack since I always maintained my speed or up it...

Saturday (19 Jan)

Supposed to go to MR for my cross country terrain running this morning BUT I couldn't wake up. :( So I went to Bedok Reservoir to run instead. Managed to run 16.5km and wow, the weather was super HOT!!! And After the run, I went for my sports massage and it was yet another torturous session. Sharon said my ITB and the outside of my upper thigh was super tight and that I must remember to stretch more often. I think what she meant to tell me is that I must remember to stretch or else, the next session would continue to be as torturous! I don't look forward to 13 Feb. Scary date.

Sunday (20 Jan)

I went to the gym to run again this morning. Managed to clock a 2-hour session and its a great excuse to slack a bit (supposed to run 20km but only managed 18km due to the slower speed set). I guess it was okie since I already ran 16.5km yesterday. Besides, I had to rush down to Tampines for shutehelup's wedding celebration! Phew, what a good excuse I had. :p Great that another week was gone and I'm fully into the swing of things.


Funny said...

Training on Mon mornings is indeed admirable. Keep it up!

angelica said...

hang in there n jia you!!
see u on good friday :)

ice said...

Eat lots! :)