Sunday, January 13, 2008

Week 1 (7 Jan - 13 Jan)

Monday (7 Jan)

Sign... :( Despite sleeping very early last night at 7pm, I didn't manage to wake up early this morning and had to miss my training! Totally unacceptable... I guess its because of the lack of sleep accumulated since Friday night... Nevertheless, I have to start sleeping by 11pm everyday... Otherwise, I would feel lethargic, no energy to train in the morning... And since I could only run in the morning, I would have missed a day of training if I continue to feel this way... It got to STOP!!!

Wednesday (9 Jan)

Did 8.5km on the threadmill in the morning... Felt good... Its been a looooooooooong time since I last ran...

Friday (11 Jan)

Did 8.5km on the threadmill again in the morning... Felt good... I should be doing this more consistently now... Since I was able to force myself to sleep early at 11pm - although 11pm is really not that early at all...

Saturday (12 Jan)

Supposed to go for a 20km run at MR this morning... Set the alarms from 5am to 5:30am at interval of 5mins... But goodness me... I snoozed all the alarm until when I finally woke up at 8am!!! No choice... I went to freshen up myself and rush off with my bag which was already packed last night... Reached gym at 9:50am... And proceeded to pound on the threadmill at 2.0% gradient with a speed of 8.5km/hr... In between, I took seeps of the H2O I bought at Cheers, knowing that I would be pounding for the next 2 hours plus to clock the required 20km thereabout... The machine finally stopped at 11:10am = exactly 1hr 10mins after I started it... That's the max that it could go... The machine showed I ran 9.4km... Instantly, I keyed in the required mileage and start the 2nd cycle... Luckily, there was the TV showing the sports channel... First there was soccer... Then some skateboard stunts... And sea surfing... And then tennis... I covered 10.2km in the 2nd cycle of 1hr 10mins, clocking a total of 19.6km... I was so hungry that I emptied the entire bottle of my remaining H2O...

After bathing and changing, I left for Eunos MRT... Just as the MRT pull towards the Kallang MRT station, I suddenly felt overwhelmed... Stars were surrounding my vision... I could hardly hear the announcement except that it was a lady's voice... My fingers were numbed too but I gathered my last strength to grab hold to the pole... At this point, a guy handed over my copy of Runner's World... I must have dropped it while seeing stars... I didn't even have the energy to look at him and thank him... As soon as the train stopped, I moved to the centre of the MRT and kneel down, holding the pole... My vision still blur and I couldn't keep my eyes open... Then the train moved... Luckily for me, some passengers alighted at the Aljunied MRT and there were some empty seats... I gathered all the strength that I've left to stand and move to the nearest seat... My eyes were semi open... I glanced around the train... Everyone was minding his and her own business... I was just lucky that I didn't have a heart attack! Or else, I would probably be found dead kneeling when the train pulled into the last station - Pasir Ris MRT!!!

Just can't imagine why some Singaporeans are so 冷酷无情, 见死不救, 没有人性... I remembered when I was in Washington D.C. in Oct 2006, after completing the Marine Corps Marathon, I too had a fainting sensation after alighting from the metro station near the hotel I stayed... As I staggered towards the seat on the train platform, a couple in their 20s approached me if I was okie... I was too weak to say anything and the guy quickly ran to the control station to seek help while Tthe girl (which was his wife) kept me company by talking to me constantly... She even used one of her blanket to cover my shoulder as I was in my running singlet attire... When her husband returned with the station's officer, I was feeling much better and I declined to be sent to the nearest hospital... And guess what happened next? They accompanied me all the way to the hotel where I was staying... And mind you, not just to the lobby of the hotel, okie... They even made sure I went to my room before saying goodbye!!! Most Singaporeans are too self-centred and won't care a thing about a stranger's life and death... Or perhaps I look too tough for my own good?!? "Sigh"... :(

13 Jan (Sun)

Slept at 4am this morning (Sun) instead of at 11pm last night... Was too happy to fall asleep cos of the 6 goals that Manchester United shipped to Newcastle... :p So I did not manage to go for the BG Run as planned... Instead, I went to run on the threadmill again after watching RESERVATION ROAD (very nice, touching movie about how a man destroy the life of another as well as his own due to a fatal accident)... I learnt my lesson from yesterday's episode and ate something during the movie session... Managed 10km in 70mins... Hurray!!! It's a good way to end the week, I guess... Shall maintain my training regime from now onwards, especially if I wanna complete my first 100 miles endurance run in one piece...

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