Monday, December 31, 2007

What I've Done In 2007...

Completed 1st marathon for 2007 in 5hrs 7mins 41secs (Maratona di Roma in Italy, Europe)
Completed IPPT for WY07/08 on 1 Apr (no joke - it's a Sun!) in 11mins 49secs for 2.4km (Singapore)
Completed 1st 50-miler in 14hrs 2mins (Addo Elephant 50-Mile Trail Run in South Africa, Africa)
Completed 1st 45km event in 5hrs 30mins 25.2secs (Great Ocean Road Marathon in Australia, Oceanic)
Completed Mount Faber Ultra Challenge 40km in 5hrs 30mins (Singapore)
Completed Army Half Marathon in 2hrs 18mins 14secs (Singapore)
Completed 1st 10km Women-only race in 1hr 02mins 54.31secs (SHAPE Run, Singapore)
Completed 10th marathon in USA in 5hrs 29mins 02secs (New Hampshire Marathon, New Hampshire, USA)
Completed 1st ultra marathon in USA in 9hrs 33mins 19.67secs (Vermont Ultra Run 50km, Vermont, USA)
Completed 2nd 10km Women-only race in 00:58:54 (GE Women 10km Run, Singapore)
Completed 2nd marathon in Italy in 5hrs 28mins 11secs (Firenze Marathon in Italy, Europe)
Completed 3rd marathon in Italy in a PB of 4hrs 44mins 56.60secs (Milano City Marathon in Italy, Europe)
Completed MR25 Ultra Marathon, 7 laps (73.5km) in 11hrs 38mins 29secs (12 hours Ultra, Singapore)

Did the same number of marathons/ultramarathons in 2007 as I had done so in 2006... The big difference was that I did 1 ultramarathon then... But this year, I managed to run 4 ultramarathons (Addo Elephant 50-Mile, Great Ocrean 45km, Vermont 50km, MR25 Ultramarathon) instead... What stood out for 2007 was that this was the year of PBs for me... PB for my 2.4km run... PB for 10km... PB for my local half marathon... PB for MR25 12 hours Ultra Marathon... PB for new distances in the 50-mile, 45km (if you could call that ultra distance - :p), 50km as well as the a sub-5 for a marathon since I first started marathoning in Dec 2001, after 6 years of trying... I also successfully ran 2 truely back-to-back marathons (New Hampshire on 29 Sep followed by Vermont 50km on 30 Sep)... So overall, it was a very, very, very fruitful year for me indeed... On top of it, I met new friends like Nadia and Estienne, the organisers of the Addo Elephant Extreme Marathon events, and Ian, a fellow ultra runner from South Africa; and also get to know friends better like Fennel when we travelled together to Florence and Milan... :) And I hope 2008 will continue to be another great year, as long as I can stay clear of injuries...

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