Monday, October 8, 2007

In Conversation With...

last Thurs during lunch with Janet...
Janet: How was your run?
Me: Which one? I ran 2 events.
Janet: Har? You mean you run 2 marathons over last weekend?
Me: I ran New Hampshire Marathon on Sat and a 50k on Sun.
Janet: Wah. Your body can recover so fast?
Me: Okie lah. I run slow slow mah.

last Fri during lunch with Laura & Ai Hua...
Laura: How are you?
Me: I just came back from USA.
Laura: Another overseas run?
Me: Yeah.
Laura: How was your run? Enjoy yourself?
Ai Hua: You mean she go overseas to run only?
Laura: Yeah lor. You know know this siao chabo.
Me: Short holiday lah but very worth it. I did 2 events. 1 on Sat and 1 on Sun.
Laura: Wah! You really can hor?
Me: I met this old man who did his 1st mile at age 60 and did his 1st marathon at age 63. Now at age 76, he completed his 131 marathons! If the 76 year old man can do it, so can I.
Ai Hua: That's about 10 marathons a year!
Me: Yeah lor.
Ai Hua: But you not doing 10 marathons a year mah.
Laura: Yeah lor. The old man started running at age 60 leh. You started running in your 20s. By the time you are 50-something, you may not be able to run again!
Me: Actually, quite true lah. But I do strength training mah. Besides, I just wanna run as many marathons as my body can take it until the day I die - something that we won't know when it will happen. It could be later, or tomorrow or next year. :p

last Sat while msn with TLR...
TLR: How was your run?
Me: My runs were great!
TLR: ???
Me: I did a marathon on Sat followed by an ultra run on Sun.
TLR: Wah! Like that can meh?
Me: I completed the marathon in 5hrs 29mins and the ultra run in 9hrs 33mins. Very slow lah.

the evil me & angel me...
Angel me: Why do you have to do 2 marathons at one go?
Me: This is such a short trip. Now, I do 2 truly back-to-back marathons, make my trip so much worth it...
Angel me: But this is bad for your body.
Evil me: If 50-something / 60-something old men and women can do back-to-back marathons, she could do it too!
Me: Yeah! That's right. And I did it. According to Ultraman, I'm blessed with only hamstrings pulled.
Angel me: Isn't that bad enough?
Me: Actually, I was expecting more pain then this. In fact, I didn't feel any soreness on Sun and Mon on my knees. But my hamstrings really hurts. Also, my right ankle hurts too. Due to the last part where runners had to run across the slope where all the pressure is on the right leg as the leg could not be straightened. But on Mon, I was fine except my left hamstrings hurts. In fact, when I flew back on Tues, I was already walking normally!
Evil me: You did not put in effort to run. That was why no PB for your marathon and you took so long to complete your 50k!!!
Me: I've chosen the wrong race actually. I din know the 50k trail run was so tough! There's actually a lot of trail running. About 80%! And some part of the trails are very steep. That's excluding the hilly dirt track as well.
Angel me: Please go for a massage. You deserved it after this fruitful trip.
Me: Yeah. I'll be going for massage this Friday after work. :p

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