Thursday, October 11, 2007

Florence, Milano City and Tokyo


Went to Transinex to pay for my airfare to Italy this evening with Fennel.  We'll be doing the Florence Marathon on 25 Nov and then the Milano City Marathon on 2 Dec.  This shall be my 6th and 7th marathons for 2007.  As for Fennel, think this shall be her 4th and 5th marathons for 2007.  She previously did the KL International Marathon in Mar, the Penang Bridge International Marathon in Jun, and the Kedah 50km Ultra Marathon in Sep.  We were both very excited that this trip will happen next month!  However, we were not very happy to depart with our hard-earned $$$ to pay the airfare.  Anyway, hopefully I will time to plan out the itinerary for this Italy trip this weekend as well as to book the accommodations.  Otherwise, we may miss out all the cheap deals available.

Course & Elevation For Florence Marathon

Course for Milano City Marathon

As for my first marathon in 2008, it shall be the Tokyo Marathon!  I was lucky enough to get a slot via their lottery system.  But since I'm again doing a few overseas races next year, this shall be a short trip, solely for the purpose of running in Tokyo. :p

Course & Elevation Map of Tokyo Marathon


Turner said...

Even more of a masochist than me... I like it. Maybe I'll run into you in Tokyo.

Anonymous said...

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2008 is here again.

I'm going to join.. see u there :)