Saturday, October 6, 2007

Review Of My Running Goals...

I decided to rest myself for this entire week, including the weekend, especially so when Singapore was so hot and humid to run in that most of the time, I wouldn't say I enjoy my training sessions. : ( Nevertheless, it's always good to take stock of what I have completed so far, am I still on track to what I set out to do at the beginning of the year, etc, etc, etc. So I did a recall:

Completed 1st marathon for 2007 in 5hrs 7mins 41secs (Maratona di Roma in Italy, Europe)
Completed 1st 50-miler in 14hrs 2mins (Addo Elephant 50-Mile Trail Run in South Africa, Africa)
Completed 1st 45km event in 5hrs 30mins 25.2secs (Great Ocean Road Marathon in Australia, Oceanic)
Completed Mount Faber Ultra Challenge 40km in 5hrs 30mins (at least; Singapore)
Completed Army Half Marathon in 2hrs 18mins 14secs (Singapore)
Completed 10th marathon in USA in 5hrs 29mins 02secs (New Hampshire Marathon, New Hampshire)
Completed 1st ultra marathon in USA in 9hrs 33mins 19.67secs (Vermont Ultra Run 50km, Vermont)

My goal for 2007 was to do a marathon each at every continent less South America and Antarctic. (Both South America and Antarctic were extremely expensive to travel to so they were dropped from my initial list). After three-quarter of the year had passed and I was well placed to achieve my goal. :p I had completed a marathon in 4 of the continents. In fact, I completed a marathon in Europe and an ultra marathon in the rest of the 3 continents. This felt quite shiok actually. Although sometimes, I wished I could have run faster but I guess I should be satisfied. I remembered what Le_Charlotte told me after she completed her AHM this year below 2 hours. "It was very very hard!" Hmmmm... Then I better run slower. At least, I could still enjoy my every step and my journey. As long as I complete it within the official cut-off time, I suppose I don't really care. Any PB is always an icing on the cake. : ) After this trip to USA, my next focus would be the Florence Marathon on 25 Nov follow by the Milano City Marathon a week later on 2 Dec. This should be an interesting trip as I'll be travelling with Fennel. I can't wait!!!

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