Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Marathon Combos... :)

I had done a few marathon combos since 2005. First, it was the back-to-back marathon 1-week apart. Like Clevland Marathon in Ohio on 22 May 05 followed by Mad-City Marathon in Wisconsin on 29 May 05. I quite liked that feeling of my achievement then. Later in the same year, I did the Richmond Marathon in Virginia on 12 Nov 05 followed by Philadelphia Marathon in Pennsylvania on 19 Nov 05. After that, I started to search for other type of marathon combos to satisfy my quest. So in 2006, I decided that instead of doing 2 marathons in 2 different states over 2 weekends, I could do 2 marathons in 2 different countries over 2 different continents. The results is the successful completion of the Gold Coast Marathon, Australia on 2 Jul 06 followed by the SEAFAIR Bellevue Marathon, Washington, USA on 9 Jul 06. Unfortunately, such combos were extremely taxing on my tight pocket. :( So I decided at the end of 2006, I could do 3 marathons over 3 weekends in the USA. I did it successfully again - Baltimore Marathon, Maryland on 14 Oct 06, Mystic Country Marathon, Connecticut on 22 Oct 06 and finally Marine Corps Marathon, Washington D.C. on 29 Oct 06. Again, my pocket suffered a bit due to the 3-weeks of stay in the USA. :(

So at the start of 2007, I decided to do something very different. I needed a tougher challenge. Something more difficult but not unattainable. Not anymore 2-marathons-over-2-weekends combo or 3-marathons-over-3-weekends combo. These were achievable and I already accomplished. After careful studies on the USA's geography, I made my pick. It was going to be very delicious. But due to the high failure rate (at least to me), I decided to keep my plans to only myself, although I very much wanna share with some SGRunners, whom I know would be able to give me good advice. Perhaps I'll share them with someone later. But only after the day I completed them successfully.

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Jodan said...

Been half a year since your last posting. :)

Whatever you have up your sleeves, wish you all the best for your coming marathons. :)