Saturday, April 21, 2007

Last Training @ MR

Phew... Today, Tigger was unable to train @ MR as he had signed up for a kayaking course. So I trained with Francis and Joanna instead. When I reached MR, it was about 6.50am. I only saw Ronnie but no one else. We waited for about 10mins and still no sign of them. Hmmm... This is the best time for slacking!!! (Hope Tigger don't read this!) We were wondering if we should leave our bags with Bug, DreamRunner, Cheow12 and company since they just arrived. But before we could ask them, the car appeared.

We set-off in the usual direction into the trail, passed the hills, golf course and aircon road. Then its left towards more hills. When we came back to the toilet point, Francis asked again where we wannt run. We could go right into the trail after the 1st hill after golf course. This would take us pass the ranger station. I asked Francis if we take the short-cut, how far would we have cover that morning. He mentioned it would still be around 18-19+km so I also decided to eat-snake. :p On the way, we met Bug, and also Fennel. We said hi and continued. By the time we came back, Ronnie had already washed up and rested for a good 40mins! The H2O was a great help after a tough run.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed today's final training at MR. I was not fast, but at least I trained running in such undulating terrain. Sometimes, I wished Tigger was here cos he's really strict about training. As for myself, if I ran alone, I would be able to push myself better too. But if I ran with someone who's running at my pace (i.e. stronger runner but slower pace), then I would try my luck and asked for discount. That's just me. And that's why I usually train alone. Or else, I would need someone like Tigger who would push, rather than allow request of short-cut. Hope all will be fine for next week!!!

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