Saturday, March 24, 2007

Training @ MR & Sports Massage

Went for my 1st training session in MR today with Bee early this morning. The rest of the guys were there when we reached. Tigger, Hohorunner, Burnz, Tigger's friend - Francis were already warmed-up and ready to go. After a short while, we were all ready. The pace was good. But as my engine always started to warm-up late, I fell behind soon after we started. The trail shoes that I bought (Acis Eagle Trail V) was not bad. I could feel the difference between wearing a trail shoes and a normal one.

After coming out from the trail, I reminded Tigger that I would be doing a shorter distance that day. He recommended me to complete the hills next to the golf course before u-turning back. My goodness!!! The hills were steep. Although I was stronger with running uphills then downhills, I did not enjoy doing them. After I reached the 2nd hill, I made a u-turn while the rest continue their journey to the famed "aircon" road.

The rest of the route was the same as the ultramaraton route. There were not many people that morning and I managed to complete it in one piece. After resting for a while, I collected my bag from Tigger's car before leaving MR for my 1st sports massage session.

Rushed to the Singapore Sports Medicine Centre from Orchard's California Fitness, after I had washed up. I was a little nervous. And my fear was right! From the first moment the masseur applied her first touch, I knew the afternoon would be a slow and painful one. She explained that my muscles were very tight and I had a lot of knots in it. That was why the massage was a little painful. She did my right side of calf, hamstrings, ITB, and glutes before she did the right side. Luckily for me, my face was facing downwards so I could hide away my distress. Then I was instructed to face upwards, so that she could massage my quads. It was very painful. The massage ended after 1 hour and the masseur taught me a few stretching exercises. She also reminded me to do the stretching exercises 3 times a day and for each set, to hold for 30secs. I thanked her for her advise, took up a 12-sessions package and booked for the next session before I left.

I'm not sure if I'm exactly looking forward to my next session, but I could certainly feel that my legs were more springy the day after.

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