Saturday, March 31, 2007

2nd Training @ MR

Did my second trail training in MR today. Again, I told tigger that I will be doing a short route rather than a long one as I have IPPT the next day on Sunday. Tigger was a bit astonished. "It's 1 April tomorrow, are you joking?" he asked. Nope. It was no April Fool's Joke and I would have to go back to camp to clear my IPPT for this workyear. However, I decided to take a look on the other side of the golf course so I ran to the entrance of Aircon Road with Bee. Then, both of us u-turned back, leaving the rest to continue their run. The route back was the same as the ultramarathon and we "ate snake" a little as the terrain was really difficult. :p I enjoyed my run and especially Bee's company. Not sure how would I do in South Africa since I'll be alone then. I guess I had to strategise.

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