Monday, September 4, 2006

New Balance Aquathlon 2006

last Saturday, i went to ECP to support some friends from SGRunners.. they were taking part in the New Balance Aquathlon, which consists of a swim and a run.. as I woke up late, I decided to take a cab down to ECP carpark F2.. i reached at about 9.45am.. saw sotong, sotong's wife, gentle and roonz.. tiwazz arrived shortly later.. we chit-chat, commented about the weather..

then, they prepared themselves by drawing numbers on each other.. while sotong's wife helped roonz on hers.. i forced them to pose for my camera.. (but they were not spontaneous.. maybe it's the competition).. sotong, tiwazz and roonz went to the transit area to put their stuff and get ready.. sotong & tiwazz's wave started at 10.30am and off they went to the start-point of the swim leg.. roonz's wave started at 11.05am so i chit chat with her for a while more.. the heat was still bearable although it was humid.. but luckily it's very windy & shady..

after their respective waves started, i met my friend, Yeoh Ling... and also Crudestar for the 1st time... i also saw a guy in the new SGRunners singlet... but i was too shy to wave to him so i took his picture from afar using my super zoom lens..

time flies and soon, sotong, tiwazz and roonz came to the transit area (in that order and not together).. sotong and roonz could be spotted very easily.. one was extremely tall and one was wearing a uniquely red swimsuit.. i almost missed tiwazz.. luckily, sotong's wife was very sharp.. after they left for their 5km run, i met up with Fuzzion and also ...Kk... (both for the 1st time).. then loanshark and hedgehog.. by that time, sotong and tiwazz already finished while cheow12 had started for his swim leg.. the last SGRunners participants to arrive was mythos and jennifer.. so did babumouse who turned up to give support..

i tried my best to take as many pics as possble.. although not always successful due to blocking by other participants and the need to shuffle between the ending point and transit area.. but still, i managed to took most of them at the finishing or near it.. it was a fruitful but hot day.. it was no easy task for the participants to run in such condition.. all did well under such circumstances.. CONGRATULATIONS!! after the event, roonz and i signed up for the swissotel vertical marathon.. and after wash-up, cheow12, tiwazz, hedgehog and i went PP for late lunch..

p.s. captured some great shots.. great 6p and all the nice red color tees, bags, etc..

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