Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Marathons On Consecutive Weekends

The key reason of doing marathons on consecutive weekends started because I wanted to make my airfare worth every dollar I paid. After the Toyota Miami Marathon in 2004, I decided that to fly all the way to USA just to do 1 marathon, is kind of a wasted effort. I did not purchase an air-ticket, flew 18 hours, just to do 1 marathon. So, in May 2005, I planned for and completed my 1st ever back-to-back marathons. I did the Rite Aid Clevland Marathon in Ohio on my birthday (yes my birthday and I've never been so hardworking!) on 22 May followed by the Mad City Madison Marathon in Wisconsin on 29 May. Boy, when I finally made it over the finishing line in Madison, I was joyous.

My next back-to-back was in Nov 2005 where I did Richmond Marathon in Virginia and followed by Philidelphia in Pennsylvania. And guess what, I was hooked. My third attempt comprised of the Gold Coast Airport Marathon in Australia (2 Jul 06) followed by the Virginia Mason Tm Medicine SEAFAIR Marathon (9 Jul 06). By now, I was addicted to running back-to-back marathons and I knew, I had to try something new. This coming Oct, I will be able to truly test and stress my body both physically and mentally as I embark on an unknown journey of Baltimore, Mystic Places and Marine Corps. I hope I could succeed and to make sure I am as prepared for the challenges as possible.

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