Saturday, April 22, 2006

SGRunners Forum & Postings

SGRunners Forum is a running forum where runners from all walks of life (both competitive and leisure) comes together to discuss, chit chat, and share what they have experienced as a runners. It is also a place where you can ask all kinds of questions pertaining to running and there will be helpful souls out there to advise. Not forgetting the various runs organised by this small (but expanding) running kampung. I did not realised the power of this forum until I started participating in the shoutbox and postings. And in no time, I found myself addicted to this exciting virtual world. :) And if I had not login for that day, the feeling was worse than when I missed watching my favourite Manchester United's games. Ooops...

Anyway, my favourite top 5 sub-forums are: Events, Shoes & Gears, Running (under Training), Run-Together-Session & Gatherings, and Chicken Talks (under Teh Tarik).

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Renohtaram said...

you are addicted liaow :)