Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Marathon Goal For 2006

I decided to maintain running 6 marathons in 2006. This would still be a challenge although I knew it could be done. For this year, the challenge is not if I could complete 6 marathons physically. But rather, if I could find the time to do the 6 marathons, especially since I had just assume a new appointment in Dec 2005.

I had completed the Xiamen International Marathon on 25 Mar 06. So there's 5 more to go. Tentatively, pending my boss approval of my leave, I hope to do the Capital City Marathon (Washington State), Coeur d'Alene Marathon (Idaho State)
, and Salt Lake City Marathon (Utah State). If my leave is rejected, then I will opt for the Rio De Janeiro Marathon in Brazil. I've also planned for Gold Coast Marathon in Jul and register for New York City Marathon in Nov. Those would have to be confirmed at a later date. Wish me luck!

Completed Marathons
Xiamen Marathon 06 (Mar)
Philadelphia Marathon 05 (Nov) - fastest 5hrs 22mins
Richmond Marathon 05 (Nov)
Mad City Marathon 05 (May)
Cleveland Marathon 05 (May)
Kuala Lumpur Marathon 05 (Mar)
Khon Kaen Marathon 05 (Jan)
Singapore Marathon 04 (Dec) - slowest 6hrs 27mins
Miami Marathon 04 (Feb)
Nagano Marathon 03 (Apr) - DNF within official cut-off time but completed within own timing
Quebec City Marathon 02 (Aug)
Singapore Marathon 01 (Dec) - DNF within official cut-off time but completed within own timing

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