Friday, May 12, 2006

Review Of Marathon Goals - 2006 & Beyond

I made up my mind earlier this year, to do another 6 marathons in 2006. But as time passed, it became clearer that it would be more difficult as I had to juggle my work due to my new appointment. As of now, I only completed the Xiamen International Marathon in Mar 06. With the tight schedule, I had to forgo my May/Jun leave. Nevertheless, my boss had since approved my Jun/Jul leave (a total of 8 days leave). In short, I will be attempting the Rio De Janerio Marathon in Brazil on 25 Jun and the Gold Coast Marathon in Australia on 2 Jul. It will be my 3rd time attempting back-to-back marathons but this time round, it would be 2 marathons in 2 weeks in different months in 2 different continents... : )

I have just started reading a new book "Marathon - The Ultimate Training Guide" by Hal Higdon. I was quite psyched up after just going through the 1st chapter. Thus, I have planned out my intermediate goals as follows:

1. To complete 40 marathons by the time I reach 40.
2. To complete 1 marathon each in every state when I reach 50.
3. To complete 100 marathons by the time i reach 50.
4. To complete 6 marathons on consecutive weekends for my 60th birthday.
5. To complete 1 marathon in every continent for my 70th years over 7 months. (granted that I'm alive then with tons of spare $). :p

Am I insane or what?!?

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