Saturday, July 16, 2011

GU Nutrition Testing Session

Went down to Funan IT Mall this evening to take part in their GU Nutrition Testing Session conducted by the Running Lab.  They had the GU drink, GU Chomps and GU Gel on offer to the runners before the commencement of their weekly run.  I tried a cup of the GU drink while waiting for them.  The taste was much much better than the non-carbonated 100 Plus (offered during the Sundown Ultramarathon).  As for the GU Chomps, I felt that it was a bit too chunky, while for GU Gel, they are definitely the type of gel I would recommend together with the Hammer Gel, especially their ultra endurance energy gel - GU Roctane.  :)  After the runners come back, the organiser held a lucky draw where 3 runners won themselves a cap each.  All runners and participants (including those who didn't run) also walked away with a GU water bottle with 2 packets of GU Gel, GU Chomps and GU Brew Electrolyte Drink Tablet packaged inside.  A very happy day indeed.  :)

Before Run

After Run

My GUdie Bottle

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