Wednesday, December 2, 2009

After Thoughts...

Finally arrived back Singapore after the hectic trip to the USA. Feeling refreshed although the strain on the front of my my right foot still hurt a bit and looked swollen. My groin strain was getting better too but I won't be running anytime sooner until I know I had fully recover from my adventures. Looking back, perhaps I was silly to attempt something like that. 4 marathons over 8 days! Any doctor would say that was very damaging for the body and I probably won't deny that. In fact, I felt mentally drained more than I felt physically drained! My tank was almost empty after finishing my 3rd marathon within 6 days - Atlanta Marathon - most likely because I had to push myself so hard to meet the 5-hour cut-off limit. But luckily for me, I managed to push myself one last time to complete the Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon though my timing was not great. Frankly speaking, I seriously didn't care about my timing as long as I got my finisher medals! :p

Would I try something like that again? You bet! It was very worthwhile to squeeze in so many marathons for this trip but I must admit I was very lucky in that I didn't have blisters or anything serious to stop me from completing the 4 races. Felt pleased and satisfied to pull off such a feat since I'm not a strong runner but someone with enough experience marathoning and a "sensible" mind. And now, I could add Arkansas, Oklahoma, Georgia and Mississippi states to the 11 States that I had completed since 2004. Another 35 more States and I would complete 1 cycle of the 50 States! This would be my ultimate aim and I hope to achieve it within the next 10 year! : )

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