Thursday, March 13, 2008

WOW!!! Finally... Registered...

Woke up at 1am this morning. Heard a sms beep sound. Should be from Tiwazz. I continued to sleep. Half asleep, to be exact. Starting at about 2:20am, the alarm on my cellphone "screamed" at every 5 minutes interval, prompting me to be fully awake. (I had chosen a "screeching" sound just in case I couldn't wake up). Quickly, I switched on my MacBook Pro, and opened up my Safari browser and the tabs. The 1st tab was for the event main page. The 2nd to 4th tabs were for the registration website at The 5th tab was the url to my Tokyo Marathon 2008 result link. Then I start clicking on the registration. It said: "Registration for the event will open at 12:00pm Pacific Time", which is 3am in Singapore. So I login to my user account to shorten the registration process. You see, I had to be kiasu. Last year, all it took was between 5-20mins for the event to be sold-out. Even the waiting lists for the various categories were also fill-up within days.

At about 2:30am, Philip called me. I pressed the reject button and text him. Before I could finish my message, he called again. And again, I pressed the reject button. Still, this guy was so determined that he called again. Reluctantly, I answered. (Philip always said he's a poor student so I must help him save $$$ by not taking his calls. :p) I thanked him for calling (I think so) and hang up the phone. While waiting, I tried registering for the Ascent (Half Marathon). Wow. The server was very busy indeed. I had to click the BACK and REFRESH buttons numerous times before I could get through the busy notification page to the actual registration webpage. I then filled up the Ascent registration to familiarise myself what I would be expecting to fill for the marathon event. Hahaha. Very kiasu, right? :)

At exactly 3:00am, I clicked at the registration webpage. "BUSY" it said. So I clicked on the other tab's registration webpage. And the next tab's registration webpage. Back and forth, I clicked and again it said "BUSY". So I just tried clicking and alternating between the tabs furiously and hitting the BACK and REFRESH buttons as often as I could. Finally, after about 4 minutes, I got into the 2nd page of the registration website! Hurray! Quickly, I filled up my particulars, including my age @ race day, projected completion time (which I indicated as 9 hours 30 minutes), and my Tokyo Marathon url and time for their verification purpose. Thereafter, I went into the 3rd page where I input my credit card details. And finally, I'm at the 4th page, where I need to confirm all data before I could complete my online registration.

I looked carefully at the details. Noting that my earlier trial test for registering the Ascent (Half Marathon) was still there. Hmmmm. Should I do the Ascent on Sat followed by the marathon on Sun? I was in deep thought for a good 3 minutes before I decided that I'm not going to kill and kill myself. Killing myself was bad enough but killing myself twice was a really bad idea. So I deleted the Ascent registration, and clicked on the OK button. Less than 30 seconds later, the webpage displayed that I had successfully registered for the event! Yippee! My effort of keying all the alarms were not wasted. Though I managed to wake up on my own, I was still thankful to Tiwazz and Philip for taking the effort to wake me up. THANKS guys!!!

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