Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Recap - 8th Milano City Marathon 2007 (Expo)

Went to Lucas and Pisa for a 1-day trip at each location, after spending 2 days walking in Florence after the marathon. Then from Pisa, we took a night train to Milan, the destination of our 2nd marathon for this trip to Italy. The marathon expo was situated in the square's parameter in front of the 3rd largest cathedral in the world. After spending the morning walking inside and on the roof top of Piazza Duomo, we went to the expo to collect our stuff. The expo was held inside a make shift tent. The entrance to the expo was where we collect our bib and package. Unlike the Firenze Marathon, there were queue lines erected at the bib collection point. The volunteers were very helpful and posed to take pictures with us too. After collection, they explained to us that we had to walk through the booths on both side of the single path, to the end of the expo to collect our event tee. Hmmmm. This was exactly the same kind of arrangement as with the Firenze Marathon organiser. I guessed our local organisers should start looking at such an arrangement.

The marathon expo in Milan was much smaller than Florence. There were also some similar booths like the Nike and Asics booths. However, they also had other booths which were unique. Like the DJ booth where a painter painted the Italian flag and color onto a woman's chest wearing a bikini. There was also a Kodak booth where runners could take a photo of themselves with the backdrop of a Milan local sporting newspaper LaGazzetta dello Sport and had the photo printed for free and inserted into a sample cardboard size bearing the look of LaGazzetta dello Sport. Inside the goodie bags, there were more product samples like Nature Valley fruit bars, Yakult, a head/ear warmer, muscle rubs, a huge, leather-looking, event bag that looks one could use as a shopping bag, as well as a long-sleeved, technical, bright orange event tee! Cool stuff indeed.

After visiting the marathon expo, Fennel and I went sight-seeing. As we were affected by the transport strike, we were unable to take the metro and tried our best to restrict visiting the nearby area within walking distance. Having done that, we still end up with very tired legs after visiting numerous art galleries around Milan. We stopped by a restaurant on our way back to the hotel to grab our dinner. It was a buffet and we ate as much as our stomach could hold. :p

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