Monday, February 12, 2007

XIII Maratona Della Citta Di Roma

Wow... I just checked back on the 13th Rome Marathon website and I saw the 2007 Finisher Medal, designed by Alfiero Nena, the chairman of the Italian Sculpturist Association. But hor, I dun really like it leh... It is like kind of "xie2 men2"... But too bad lor, I already signed up for the marathon... Just have to pray that the real one will look better than what the picture showed.

This is the running route for the Rome Marathon. The starting and ending point is at the magnificent coloseum.

And this is the adidas event tee and adidas event bag that comes with the entry fee. Isn't it cool to have such a big bag? And I like the coloseum "logo". Looks like a love sign. : )


Run'er said...

if u dun like the medal i'll sacrifice and take it instead..wahahahah!!

Anonymous said...

nice bag

Ripley Runs said...

wah!!! roonz, you very the fast hor... will give you one if they give me 2 medals... :p

yeah man, ronnie, the bag looks big and nice... i like the tee-shirt too... but would prefer if its red in color...