Thursday, January 4, 2007

Rome Marathon - 18 Mar 2007

Just received the email from my travel agent on the cost of a returned air ticket to Rome. Wow! Damn expensive! Total cost is S$1,950/- including taxes! The only consolation is that I'll be travelling by SQ. Sometimes, it's really expensive when you have no one to travel with. I just don't understand why they have to charge single so much. I am already travelling alone and they have to price their single surcharge so high. Hmmm. Maybe time to find a partner to go travelling with. :p

So I will be applying my overseas leave from 16 Mar to 21 Mar. Can only afford to leave office for 4 days. The outbound flight is on Fri, 1am and I will reach Rome on the same day at 7.10am. At least, I have Fri, Sat and Mon to tour around Rome while Sun will be the marathon day. The inbound flight is on Tues, 12pm and I'll reach Singapore on Wed, 6.30am. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to a fun time in Rome, provided my leave is approved. :p


Charlotte said...

u spend so much ... u shd spend longer time in ROME !!!

Ripley Runs said...

i also say so... but i'm new on this job... so not so nice... anyway, i've not confirm yet... maybe i just book to come back on friday... but the leave leave it as such... then on tuesday, i call back singapore and apply for urgent leave... kanna stranded in rome... :p