Sunday, December 10, 2006

Marathon Goals For 2007

I spent last night going through AIMS and websites for the possible marathons that could interest me. Found a few really interesting ones and they were from different parts of the world. So I have decided that for 2007, one of the option will be to do just that. The 2nd option I had is to do a 50km or 50-miler race. You see, I need to do something that can challenge my mind and body. Doing a back-to-back marathons is something very achieveable. And doing 6 marathons a year is not difficult. Anyway, I have not decided yet. It all depends if my new boss approves my overseas leave. But here are my possible tentative options.

Europe - Rome Marathon 18 Mar 07

Africa - Addo Elephant 50 Mile Trail Run 28 Apr 07

Asia - Great Wall Marathon 19 May 2007

North America - KeyBank Vermont City Marathon 27 May 07

South America - Rio de Janeiro 24 Jun 07

Australia / Oceania - Auckland Marathon 28 Oct 07


Anonymous said...

before u do a 50 a 50miler at ultraM at the end of the year first....that will be 8 rounds

Ripley Runs said...

thanks, taz... i know what i need to do... besides, the 50-miler has a very generous cut-off time of 30-hours... (same as the 100-miler)... :p