Monday, September 18, 2006

Terry Fox Run, 17 Sep 2006...

I took a lift from Brokie to go for the Terry Fox Run on 17 Sep. On the way, we picked up Cokiee and Renoh at the Sentosa Visitor Carpark. We reached the carpark, did some stretches and off we go for our pre-event run. The weather was excellant although we did spotted dark clouds covering the island of Sentosa! Secretly, I prayed that it should not rain as this will be one of the important LSD that I had to clock prior to my marathons in USA. As usual, Renoh and Cokiee started off strongly and soon, they became a miniture of themselves. Brokie went to the washroom on the way and I waved to Cokiee to continue as I was very sure Brokie would have no problem in catching up. No prize for me for making the correct prediction. And Brokie and Vincent zoomed past me soon after. Along the way, we saw many people wearing the Run-For-Hope t-shirt and the blue color wrist band. Some of them wondering aloud if the run had already started.

We reached ran past Rasa Sentosa and the bus-stop, and into the trail. I could see no one except Renoh. He had slowed down in case I lost my way. Such a nice gentleman. : ) The first part of the trail is a little upslope but the route was really enjoyable. I did not push myself as it is more important for me to maintain the pace throughout the run. Eventually, we came out from the trail and only then, we knew we lost sight of Cokiee, Brokie and Vincent. Renoh suggested we ran back to the start which we did. Then we reached the carpark where we made a wrong turn earlier. There was still time and we decided to run towards Rasa Sentosa again. On our way back, the sky started drizzling and then raining. All these time while we were running, there were still may people walking towards to start point. We saw a few fellow SGRunners but I did not regconise most since I took off my spectacles due to the rain.

Soon, we u-turned back to the start point and saw Roentgen and Kickjazz started off their run although the organiser was trying to get the warm-up session started. We continued jogging around the start point, picked up the event towel and trying to look for more familiar faces. We couldn't find anyone else as there were many runners. Soon, the organiser flagged off the event and off we go for the actual event run. Along the way, there was this gal running so close to me that I was irritated. Wondering why would she want to stick to my body. Then I realised that she's Brokie! She and Vincent then zoomed past me for the second time. The rain was not heavy and I was having fun running in it. I saw AlecChua and Renoh running past me too. Sigh! I was still running towards the u-turn point for 9km while they were on their way home. I then was Bee and Hai Yong although I missed the landmark Sotong! How I did that I don't know! Just before I completed, I saw Cokiee standing along the road to cheer. I completed the pre-run and actual run in 2hrs 10mins, covering around 18km. It was a fruitful training session for me indeed.

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