Monday, April 3, 2006

SGRunners & Me...

I accidently discovered this running group / forum "SGRunners" on 4 December 2005. You see, I had wanted to support my friends running the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon that Sunday. However, I was roastered for duty so I had to report to work. I was quite "sian" knowing that I would not be able to congratulate my friends. I decided to check out the Official Standard Chartered Marathon website for any news on the marathon that I could find. At around mid afternoon, I decided to check out what are the running groups in Singapore. So I did a google search and SGRunners was one of them on the first 10 returns!

I registered myself and surfed through the forum. It was extremely interesting. I noticed that the people in the forum were very chatty, very knowledgable, and always willing to share. Some of them were also very humourous too. I then picked up the courage and posted my 1st posting in the forum, in the New Member's section, about 1 week after registering myself. Every regular in the forum gave me a warm welcome and since then, I never looked back. I was supposed to support the group in the Ultra Marathon in MacRitchie. But since it was raining, I went back to sleep and only reached around 10am plus. By then, the ultra event already started and though I managed to take a picture of the elusive Ultraman, running with SGRunner's penghulu, The Lonely Runner, I was too shy to approach anyone.

Nevertheless, I eventually joined the group for runs. I could still vividly recalled my 1st run with the group - the nite run around Changi Village in end Dec. And that DreamRunner was the one that intro me to the whole group. :) Since then, I had taken part in some of the events. Supporting the runners in the CNY Eve Run, the Botanic Garden Run, NUS Biathlon, KL Marathon, etc, running with them in other occassions and also makaning with them on non-running activities. This running group was really special and unique. Some of the runners were also very talented. But they never looked down on anyone and were always there to encourage the slow runners, like myself. I was really having lots of fun reading, posting, running and makaning with them. I never thought I would find an online forum so interesting and I was like hooked. I hope I would be able to make myself a better runner from these experienced and talented runners.

And for those of you who have not heard of it, check it out at


Renohtaram said...

it's a good discovery, rite? :D

Ripley Runs said...

alamak... i havent finished... so cannot post comments... :0)

Renohtaram said...

then quickly finish it! :)

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trackandfieldcoach said...

congratulations!! and just say hi.