Sunday, April 16, 2006

Activities With SGRunners...

These were the activities that I've taken part since joining SGRunners in Dec 2005. I am not really a group kind of person but there is just so much fun and laughter with this group of runners that is hard for one to ignore. :)

Makan & Chit Chat @ Al-meen (2 Jan 06)
Chinese New Year's Eve Run (28 Jan 06)
Makanton (3 Feb 06)
Demoralising Run (5 Feb 06)
Botanic Garden Run (12 Feb 06)
NUS Biathlon & NVM Training (19 Feb 06)
Mew Mew Run (26 Feb 06)
Pre KL Marathon Get-Together
KL Marathon (3 to 5 Mar 06)
Post KL Marathon Get-Together
National Vertical Marathon (19 Mar 06)
April Fool Run (1 Apr 06)
Good Friday Run with Ger Ger / Boi Boi (14 Apr 06)

So far, I have taken part in at least 1 to 2 activities per month. I hope to be able to continue joining the group on a regular basis. Thanks to everyone at SGRunners for making me feel so at home and welcome. :) Now, aiming for my marathon status in terms of SGRunner postings! Sssshhhh...

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