Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lab - My New Love

I love Lab.  It was love at first sight.  I was sure of it.  Damn sure.  :)  I met Lab about two weeks ago.  On 13 October afternoon, two days before my big race - TNF100 Singapore.  I had gone to Velocity at Novena to change my headlamp battery and to see if I could get a new backup headlamp after our department's Deepavali Lunch outing.  I got what I wanted at Outdoor Venture, a leading privately-owned sporting and outdoor equipment distributor in Singapore.  And went home extremely pleased.  On my way out from Velocity to the MRT Station, something caught my attention.  I was drawn to his immediate beauty.  There he was, standing near the entrance of the Salomon Concept Store.  I couldn't take my eyes off him.  "Wow!  Isn't he gorgeous?" I wondered quietly to myself.  I was completely mesmerised.  I walked towards him and learned that his name was Lab.  "Sounds cool." I thought.

But really, Lab was more than just cool.  :)  He seemed like a perfect match for me.  To perfect actually.  My heart skipped a beat when I laid my hands on him.  His texture was nowhere near the silky smooth of some of my top range dri-fit tees but I was okie with it.  Overall, he's one "fit" dude.  They said you never try anything new on race day.  But I had good fortune for trying new stuff on race day.  Like in 2005, I bought a pair of CW-X compression long tights and Wright Socks at the Richmond Marathon Expo and tried on both products during the following week's Philadelphia Marathon.  Both worked brilliantly.  So I decided to take my chance.  In came Lab.  Out went Nathan.

During TNF100 Singapore, Lab gave me all the support I ever needed.  He hugged me tight with his Sensifit's precise and secure fit.  I kept a 500ml bottle of H2O on the front left pocket and a handful of gels on the front right pocket.  During the race, the bottle and gels stayed where they were.  No bouncing around or obstructions.  The pockets were at the place where I had wanted them to be.  Nathan also had two pockets in front but they were not meant for water bottles as they were smaller and shallower.  There was also a whistle on the left side of Lab, which was easily accessible if the need arised.  Both Lab and Nathan treated me well, though Nathan tends to loosen his front grip during very long run.  As for the hydration bag, both Lab and Nathan had a 1.5L capacity.  The difference was Lab's Source Widepac 1.5L came with an easy, quick connect/release click so I could remove the hydration bag without having to pull the drinking tube out, plus and Isothermic Water Pouch that could keep liquid cool longer.  (* However, I didn't make use of the Hydration Pack so the part on if the water movement was significant could not be verified yet) Lab had 2 removable velco stick-on pockets which I didn't use during TNF100 Singapore and also a gold-colored space blanket (otherwise, also known as safety blanket) which I intended to use it for my next hiking trip.  The other useful item which I had yet to try out was the 4D Pole Holder.

Overall, the Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab Hydration Pack scored a cool 9.5/10.  It had everything I ever wanted on a hydration pack although I have yet to use all available functions.  The best 3 features are (1) the front chest pockets, (2) detachable drinking tube from hydration pack, and (3) adjustable Twin Link Lite system. :)

Twin Link Lite System, Chest Pockets For Bottles & Whistle

Back View - Back Top Pocket & Back Side Pockets

Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab Hydration Pack


Cabbey said...

I too have one... it's lush isn't it, and the hydration bit at the back is good too as I tried it out in Amsterdam.

Ripley said...

You bet! I feel like getting a second one! :p

Reginald Tan Bueno said...

Hi Ripley! Thanks for linking my blog. I just want to inform you I changed my link to Hope that you can update this in your blog. Thanks! said...

How much is it selling for in Singapore?

Ripley said...

Reginald: updated... :)

Eric: i think its not worth getting from singapore... cost S$263 after 20% discount... unfortunately, i don't see a point of searching for better deal... its not like buying running shoes, where i know there are many other shops... said...

can't define the value of the item by the price. Whether it is useful to you is all that matter:) I probably will look for it at the racingtheplanet store in HK.

Ripley said...

you are right eric... i've been hoping to get one of these pack which i can put bottle in front... when it fitting me so well, i bought it without asking how much is it... i'm glad its not $400 plus! :p

Wendy Tan said...

I'm looking to purchase this however do not have a chance to feel and try the actual product.
I see that you own this as well as the Ultimate Direction PB vest.
May I know which of the 2 would you prefer?