Monday, October 10, 2011

My Road to Recovery and TNF100 Singapore

Even since I sustained this irritable strained as diagnosed by Changi General Hospital's sports doctor in early August, I had been patiently resting.  I was able to sleep late and wake up late.  Once or twice my legs got itchy and I went back for a short run but found that I had not recovered.  Luckily, no damage was done and while the few acupuncture sessions helped to a certain extent, there is no way to rush back from an injury or strain, except really to take my time to rest sufficiently.  It was just 2 months and 2 weeks since the Canadian Death Race and while I didn't feel 100% yet, I knew my patience would pay off eventually.

This afternoon, I went back to CGH for a follow up with the sports doctor and physio.  My sports doctor asked how was my pain since the last time we met 3 weeks ago.  I told him that I had started running since last Monday for 5mins, followed by 10mins on Tuesday, 15mins on Wednesday, 20mins on Thursday, all on the treadmill.  I felt fine except on Thursday when I felt the same soreness towards the end of my run.  On Friday, I did a 30mins session on the treadmill, and on Saturday, I did a 45mins session at MR.  On both days, I felt the same soreness after about 20mins or so of running.  However, the soreness didn't persist like it did when I test-run it in early August and during the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run in mid August.  In fact, I was able to continue my run.

I told the doctor I continued running on Sunday and this morning, covering 65mins (8.8km) and 60min (8.3km) respectively.  For both sessions, the same soreness struck but didn't go beyond the scale of 1/10, so I was able to complete my run.  The doctor reminded me that because the Popliteus muscle is a muscle hidden deep inside the knee, it was not easy to recover.  I would need to see him again in 3 months time and if the soreness persists, he might need to send me for a MRI scan.  Since I have no problem in running now, I could return to running but I should not push too hard, too fast, too soon.  After visiting my sports doctor, I went for a follow-up with my physio, also at the CGH's Sports Clinic.  I went through how I got my injury as he was new to my case.  After assessment, he prescribed some glutes strengthening exercises and advised that I should stretch my calves and hamstrings.

I'm very happy to know that I'm certinly on my way back from injury although I also know I'm not 100% fitt.  I will continue to build up my fitness although the TNF100 Singapore race this coming weekend is 2 weeks too early for me to run the 100km.  The temptation to push through the pain barrier is there (I know I could if I want to) and I'm not helped at all by some runners, who have such strong believe that I'm an iron lady who definitely can do it.  (I know you meant no harm!)  The thing is, I'm not an iron lady at all.  If I am, I won't be injured in the first place.  Make sense right?  :)  Even if I've a iron mentality, I am too smart to risk my body to cover a 100km with only 2 weeks of build-up, if you consider running 5mins, 10mins, 15mins and 20mins your typical preparation for a 100km race.  :p  Perhaps they are trying to be polite or not to be discouraging.  I appreciate everyone's best wishes but I know what I need to do.  The Bib No. 2 is a spectacular number that's normally reserved for the elite.  So I will take good care of the Bib by jogging and walking the race so as not to damage it.  :)  Wish me luck!

TNF100 Singapore Goodie Bag and Bib Number 2


Unknown said...

hi, i happened to google and chanced upon your post. i run alot and now looking for a sports doc. looks like your experience in cgh is quite +ve.

mind shairng which doc & physiotherapist did you see? did u get referral from a polyclinc or u go there as a private patient?



Ripley said...

hi mal, perhaps you could drop me an email?

Unknown said...

hi, i wanted to email you but i could not find ur email.


Ripley said...

hi mal, did you get my reply? my email is