Sunday, September 11, 2011

TNF Progressive Run 2

This was the last TNF Run before the TNF100 Singapore in Oct.  The response was fantastic.  I shared a cab with Karen and Carey, and we arrived at the Diary Farm Car Park B slightly after 7.30amm.  The Progressive Run was organised by Dirt Traction and they were busy setting up the registration counter and time capturing device.  I mingled with the rest of the runners.  Shu Ming, our of our TNF Run Leaders, just reached as he ran from MacRitchie Reservoir!  He intended to run one lap (15km) before running back to MR to get his car.  Molly was running one lap as she had another appointment while Kayano was unable to make it.  While checking-in for the run, Alvin commented that although he was not given the Bib No. 4 (which sounds like "dead" in Mandarin), his Bib No. 10 was not far off to sound like "die" in Mandarin in another phonology.  Tekko was still recovering from his foot injury while I intended to jog till I felt anything uncomfortable in the back of my knee.

Registration, Briefing & Start

After a quick brief on the route, the runners were flagged off.  I covered the rear as I intend to run slowly and for 1 lap, if possible.  I caught up with Shu Ming who was doing a slow and easy run.  There were a couple of runners who ran past me just before Zheng Hua Park so I assumed that they arrived late.  After the BKE flyover, I felt some discomfort at the back of my knee everytime I curled back my right leg in a running motion.  I decided to stop for good and focus on taking the photos.  Two more runners ran past my location while another runner wearing the Bib No. 26 walked towards the start point.  He said he felt pain in his knee and decided to cut-short his run.  An old lady about 70 plus years old walked towards the same path as the runners and I told her to watch out for traffic, especially the bikers, given her age.  We chatted for a while before she continued her morning walk.  A short while later, Sharif (Singapore Blade Runner) and his colleague ran past me and I decided to walk towards the u-turn point which was about 5.5km away, and u-turn when I met the last runner.

The weather was great and the runners were under shade at least on the first half of the run, which made my photo-taking more challenging as there wasn't enough light.  The first runner I met was Khaliq (the younger brother of Shafiqah) but he was too fast and the photo came out blur as I wasn't able to get to a brighter part of the trail.  It was the same for most of the other runners who followed, except those whom I captured under no shade.  After about 1km or so, I made an u-turn to return to the start.  I met some runners on their way to completing the first lap as well as the faster ones who were doing their second lap.

 The Guys...

And The Gals...

At Zheng Hua Park, I saw more runners on their way back to completing their first loop and even more runners commencing their second loop.  Just before I reached the end, Khaliq zoomed past me.  It was already 10.40am when I reached the carpark.  Chatted with the other runners who had completed the run.  Some of us, who had some time to spare, decided to wait till 12.15pm for the finale of the Progressive Run 2 - lucky draw of 9 prizes of Premium iPhone 4 Covers and 5 prizes of Optic Nerve worth $100 each.  :)  The runners were all very excited as there were a total of 13 prizes but only about 20 over runners left and hence chances of winning was high.  Chances were high indeed.  One of the runners, who won a $100 Optic Nerve Voucher in the Progressive Run 1, won again!  This time she won the Premium iPhone 4 Cover!  We also discovered a "lucky spot" - everyone who stood on that spot each won a prize.  :)  So that was it - the last TNF Run before the race in Oct.  I hoped after TNF100 Singapore, I would be able to keep in touch with the new friends made through the TNF Run Series, including the Ocean 9 Run Leaders.  But first, hoped to see more runners in the next Trail Maintenance with NParks on 17 Sep! :)

End Point @ Diary Farm Carpark B
Conduct of Lucky Draw & Winners

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