Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Salomon X-Trail Run 2008

Decided to went for the Salomon X-Trail Run in Tampines as SGRunners was given a booth to promote SGRunners and running in general. But of course my purpose to be there was to take photos of those SGRunners who were taking part in the event and not to run the race myself. :p The event was organised by VGO, the same group that brought us the Mount Faber Mizuno Run as well as the Mizuno Wave Run. Thelonelyrunner gave me a lift and together with Fd and we went there early to setup shop. When we reached there, I could feel the humidity. It was gonna be a very hot and humid day.

Soon, runners began to arrive. And some of them dropped by our SGRunners' booth. I met Trailblazer, Goldilocks, Stardust, Earth, Swoop, and many more. We chit chat and talked about up coming races before the announcement asked the participants to gather at the warm-up area for mass warm-up exercises. The race was flagged off at about 7:30am. Not long after, I walked past the ending point towards the part where runners had to run up the "hill". I could feel the intense heat and hid myself behind a huge shrub. The faster runners had already ran past me while the slower ones were coming in. The path after the point where I stationed myself, mainly to capture those coming back down from the hill, was wide at the start, before converging into a 1-lane running path (as told). The hill was not steep. However, as there were no tress to provide shade, you could see runners struggling. I was not sure how was the running route like but runners seemed to crisscross among themselves. By then, the front runners had already completed the race. I kept waiting to take as many SGRunners as I could possibly picked up. The last one I was running up the "hill" was Goldilocks. But after more than 1 hour 30 minutes or so, I decided to pack up and went back to the booth. [Sorry Goldilocks - I was fried].

Back at the booth, as more and more SGRunners gathered, we took a group photos with the banner. We also waited for the prize presentation and lucky draw. 2 of our SGRunners won prizes! Earth and Nutty_Sin26! A young student of our SGRunners even came in 1st in the women's category!!! After the prize presentation, I caught a glimpse of Goldilocks. It was her indeed! I was glad to see her but felt apologetic as I wasn't around to take her finishing photo. Perhaps next time - I told her. We took another group photos with those who dropped by the booth later. By about 10:15am, the event concluded and we packed up the booth. Before we left, Thelonelyrunner thanked VGO for the partnership. For me, it was a good event. Not too big a crowd but enough to whip up some kind of atmosphere. Everything was executed in perfection less the weather. This probably would be the last event that I could support this year as during SCSM, I would be running in Macau.

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