Friday, March 9, 2007

Confirmed Itinerary: 3rd Addo Elephant 50-Miler Trail Run

Received an email from the organiser of Extreme Marathons who organises the 100-Miler & 50-Miler Addo Elephant Trail Run, as well as Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon (a 7-day 250k self-sufficiency run in the Great Kalahari Desert.) She has kindly reserved a place for me and told me that she'll have to get a Singapore flag since I'm the 1st Singaporean taking part in the event! In a way, I felt very honoured but at the same time, rather pressurised too. Hope I could complete this event between 15 hours (minimum) and 18 hours (maximum). This will earn me a bronze medal. :) (For those who completes the course within 9 hours will earn themselves a silver medal.)

I went to the website to check for updates today. Downloaded the route and elevation profile of the 50-miler route. Upon closer examination, found that there are a total of 10 check-points (inclusive of the end-point) which are not numbered in sequence: CP0, CP6, CP8, CP9, CP10, CP11, CP12, CP19, CP20 and the finishing CP. The difference between the lowest and highest point in elevation is 700 meters. The website also stated that runners are expected to cross a small stream towards CP8 and CP10 so I have to decide if I want to leave an additional running shoes at CP11. The only problem is that I only had a pair of trail shoes. So I'll have to consider this very carefully before deciding what is the best option.

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kops21 said...

it is going to be a tough run. Hope you dont need to topo as u run!