Saturday, March 11, 2006

Trip - Kuala Lumpur Int'l Marathon - 3 & 4 Mar 2006

On 3 Mar 06, I met up with fellow Sgrunners at the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station for our trip up to Kuala Lumpur. You see, they were going up to run in the Kuala Lumpur International Marathon and I was going to join them for the fun, while they suffer... :) I reached the station around 9.30pm and most of the Sgrunners were there. I saw BrokenRunner with her family, DreamRunner, DO, Seal, Sportventurer, Lactic Acid, Cokiee, Renoh, Astrogirl, Sotong and Ultra. Despite being "warned" before not to take any photo of Ultra, I was too tempted to give up the opportunity as he shared his last minute running tips to fellow runners. Luckily for me, he did not give chase to this paparazzi this time round.

The train was delayed and instead of leaving the station at 2215hrs, we ended up leaving around 2330hrs instead. (See picture on left above). Once we settled down, we chit-chat and took pictures. Some of us also played games late into the night. I was tired and went to sleep shortly after 0100hrs. I woke up at around 0700hrs but continued to laze on the sleeper till we reached the KL Sentral Station! (See picture on right above).

We then took a cab to Ancasa Hotel, deposited our bags and off we went for breakfast (see above pictures). We had dimsum and I drank ice milo. After breakfast, we went back to the hotel to wait for Kops21 and Sotong, who went to collect the Bib and t-shirts for those registered through them. After distributing the Bib and t-shirts, we went to the marathon expo as there were some who registered directly with the organisers. Also, I had to register for Choonwei for the 1/2 marathon category as he would have missed the registration deadline as he arrived KL in the mid-afternoon. Freddy also successfully changed his category from the Full marathon to the 1/2 marathon event. After that we returned to the hotel to check-in.

Next on our agenda was a visit to KLCC. We took their public rapid train system. It was extremely crowded and we had to push each other into and out of the train cabins. Once we reached KLCC, we ordered our late lunch at the food court. We then shopped around, first at Nike, then at Addidas. Photo-taking with the KLCC was next. It was a challenge as the building was tall. However, Brokie was as innovative as usual and she managed to find a perfect angle for a perfect picture. As the weather was hot, we went back inside KLCC for some cool air. Astrogirl, Run3 and Weishan then went for a shopping spree while the rest of us take a rest and had coffee at DOME.

Astrogirl and company had a fruitful shopping spree. We headed back to the hotel to wash up and rest, before we headed out again, this time to Nando's for carbo-loading dinner! Didn't we had lunch just awhile ago! :) We chit-chat and ate a hearty meal. After dinner, some returned to their room to rest early while the rest went to the night market at Chinatown to catch some cheap deals. Brokie bought 2 pairs of outfits for her sons, while Cokiee got a nice tee. I managed to buy some KL magnets too. Then Seal got us this nice drink that looked like ching chao but tasted better! We then retired to rest for the big day the next morning.

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