Monday, March 20, 2006

NTU - National Vertical Marathon - 12 Mar 2006

This was my 1st time taking part in the event. I decided to team up with fellow Sgrunner, Renohtaram in the Lover's Challenge, with the knowledge that he's taking part for the fun of it. Prior to the event, I tried out training once with Tiwazz, Run3, IMD and Sportventurer at one of the point block in Toa Payoh, to get a feel of what it would be like, to walk up 40-storeys of stairs. It was no easy task since that was my 1st climb as it could be pretty dizzy. Nevertheless, that training session gave me the assurance that I could complete the Suntec City Tower 4.

That morning, I took a lift from Brokie early in the morning as she has an earlier event, in the Women's Category. By the time we reached Suntec City, it was already crowded. We saw some Sgrunners like Divey, Cokiee, Bug, lending support to those taking part in the Men's Category. TLR, Superboy82, Kops21, Commando were queueing up in their respective details, waiting to be flagged off. They all looked relax.

When they were flagged off, I accompanied Astro, Run3 and Brokie to collect their Bib. After that, we met DreamRunner and DO, who just completed their event. They were saying that there was a lack of oxygen as they climbed higher and although the organiser put in typhoon fans along the way up, they were of no use. It resulted in them coughing on their way down. I was a bit worried as I was already coughing for quite sometime.

After having breakfast with Brokie at the foodcourt, I went for my facial near Tanjong Pagar MRT station. By the time I was done, it was about 1330hrs and I had to rush down. Knowing the crowd that probably jammed the City Link Mall, I walked above ground. It was a hot day but the "short-cut" probably saved me at lesast 5mins, not to mentioned the extra effort I probably required to maneuvere
my way through the crowd had I used the underground link. Upon reaching Tower 4, we (Renoh and I, Wildcat and Brokie, Alvo and Meteor, & Astro and Sherman) quickly queue up to register ourselves. (Prior to that, I presented Astrogirl her hard-earned KLIM Finishing Medal. Not sure how it ended up with me but I was surprised she didn't even "panic"). We then took some photos and rest. Brokie went to the IT Show to get some storage card while Wildcat had his lunch.

Our event was projected to start at 1600hrs but we received a call to inform us that it should rightly be 1500hrs. It was a mad rush for some of us. After queueing up for a brief by the organiser, we were ready for the event. Wildcat, Brokie, Astro and Sherman were in the same detail as Renoh and me. Renoh and I "discussed" what tactics we should use. But once we were flagged off, I forgotten everything. Brokie and I even had a "fight" along the way. Lucky for us, there were no one during the first few flights of stairs or else we would be disqualified. Soon, Wildcat and Brokie vanished in front of us while I struggled. Lucky for me, Renoh was very encouraging. The air was also not as bad as I though although the staircase was a bit narrow. We managed to pass by 2 couples and they were gracious to allow us overtook them. We completed the event in a respectable 17th position out of 80 couples!

It was a unforgettable experience. In my opinion, a tad tougher than a marathon as there was no scenary for you to admire, no time for you to really slow down to catch your breadth, and it was "upslope" all the way! Nevertheless, I enjoyed the day very much. Something different from doing a usual marathon. Thanks, Renoh!

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Renohtaram said...

great job, kelly :) we both did well! 17th position out of 80 couples, it's an impressive result!